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Rocky Road is not his Favorite Ice Cream by Lilblkrose Rocky Road is not his Favorite Ice Cream by Lilblkrose
It's Chocolate Mint.
Updated* 2/3/2014 How to summarize...

First name: Deval
Nickname: Rocky Road (Guess whose dad was eating what ice cream during his birth?)
Last name: McCauley

Height: 6'1
Weight: 224 (195 when he enrolled in Heiten)

Year: 3rd Year
Age: 17

Background: His love for working out comes from watching a lot of karate shows as a kid and watching his dad actually pull off these moves thanks to his work outs as an officer. Of course, because his parents always provided him with delicious food everyday, he was a heavy kid. Lifting made him feel confident and cheerful, but when he's stressed out, he loses his confidence and becomes bashful due to his "vulnerable appearance".

Rocky use to confess to countless girls, but they would always reject him for his constant eating and sweaty appearance that happens when he is nervous. They would tell him off, make fun of him, and laugh at him from behind for his appearance he boasted on being healthy. Because of the constant rejection and bad mouthing that started to rise, he starts to lose his appetite and becomes drained of energy to even work out that he starts to lose an unhealthy amount of weight. This started his nightmare towards teenage girls.

Girls that rejected him and didn't noticed him started to crowd him for attention with interest and hate with; shoving towards him, knocking him down, and clawing at him (by accident) for his attention. So, he decided to enroll himself to an all boys school where he won't have to deal with this problem (???). He's somewhat fearful of teenager females now after seeing their fearful side. "IDON'TUNDERSTAND???"

(Normal Weight, 224+'lb) Confident, friendly, enjoys helping people out (so long it involves showing off his strength)
(Loss Weight est200'lb) The same as before, but embarrassed at his weight lost appearance.
(Stress Weight 195-'lb) Shy, depressed, can barely lift from fatigue. 

Like: Wrestling, Karate, Any Physical work, Cooking (dumping anything in the fridge to make stew, and eating.
Dislike: Female teenagers, wasting food, loafers, writing, and anything that doesn't require physical activities.

Extras: "I've decided to love anyone who will accept me, no matter what they look like!" The naive Rocky Road said.
Relationships: N/A but his parents who sends package of snacks (; 7 ;/
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